When you’re down there is always another option.


Today I woke up on a crabby side of life, a rarity is it for me to do so but I did. Somehow the combination of not so great sleep and an extensive laundry list of tasks to accomplishments before night fall didn’t sit too well with me so early in the morning. Adding heavy metal to my not so chipper mood didn’t help matters either. Just before my attitude could make a turn for the worst I was approached by someone in tears of happiness who had read something that I wrote and it made their day. they hugged me, and that feeling that I had just helped someone made my day; in that instant I realized something.

Everyone has their moment where life gets them down; moments when we allow the situations around us to affect our attitudes. Even the most happiest of persons have their moment. Getting down on one’s self isn’t detrimental to one’s overall happiness. It’s when we dwell there too long that we do damage to our happiness. I’m not saying that there won’t come a time in your lives when you get down, but if we concentrate less of our attention on the ever changing stressors of life and simply look to the good things, the smile worthy things; it’s those moments that help us to deal with the down moments.

Sulking is a choice, and the only thing really standing in your way of happiness is always you and what you allow to affect you. I remember a quote that says “if you want to be happy, be!”  Needless to say that the rest of my day went blissfully well,  and I hope your’s did as well!!

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